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The Staircase Part II

by | Mar 31, 2016 | DIY | 4 comments

The staircase would be a perfect Fixer Upper episode. I don’t even need a full episode. A flashback length segment would be plenty.

You know how Chip and Joanna always find some kind of drama on demo day? I mean you know that it is all going to work out because well, they are Chip and Joanna. But there is that moment of “Oh no, what are they going to do?”

I had my dramatic moment on the day Jack and I pulled the carpet and pad off of the stairs.

Total side story:

Jack broke his collar bone in gym class last week. He had surgery on Tuesday and is healing fine.  This kid has not complained once from the pain of the break or surgery. When we removed the bandages after three days however, that was his first welp of pain. ha.

He also never lost his sense of humor. In the picture above on the left, he was commenting while pulling up the carpet that this was harder than it looked. His Tyrannosaurus Rex arm was not very helpful. Kid cracks me up.

Back to the drama.

After T. Rex had the carpet pulled off, I noticed this.

The risers and treads were not flush with the wall. It’s understandable why they weren’t flush. The original owners plan for this house was to carpet the stairs. The carpet itself was flush, no need to make the wood tight up against the edges.

So now instead of simply painting the risers where they are, each riser along with the tread will be ripped out and replaced.  Like any Fixer Upper episode this will be an added expense but worth it the end.

As of this moment I have the 16 treads conditioned, stained and finished with two coats of satin finish polyurethane. The next step is to paint and poly the 17 risers.

Steve will then come over this weekend and pull out all the old parts and replace them with the new.

The bright side is that I will have a bunch of pine boards to make something creative.

Remember this metal sign?

I only had these available in the Old Lake George shop for a limited time. They sold out very quickly. Maybe I will offer something similar but made from wood.  Hmmmmmm, something to think about.

Time to get back to riser painting. Thanks for stopping by!