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Serpentine Dresser

by | Jun 29, 2016 | DIY | 2 comments

Sorry to leave you in limbo on that last post about the serpentine dresser.

But it is now ready for its big reveal! Drum roll please………


Staining and not painting the dresser was a scary adventure for me. Nine times out of ten when I paint with milk, chalk or most other kinds of paint, I don’t need to sand anything. It is as simple as grabbing a good brush and painting, but the top of this dresser had some pretty deep scratches on it. So, let’s recap how Monday went.

After sanding several layers and making a call to my Dad for moral and sanding support, we decided that I had sanded the scratch enough.

As you remember, I then applied the wood conditioner and stain and left it to dry.

The stain has now completely dried. All I needed to do today was polish up the handles a little and then put it back together, i.e. put the drawers back in.  🙂

And then I fell in love.  Oh how I wish this dresser could talk and tell me where it has been and who has cared for it all of these years.

The top where I stained isn’t that much darker than the rest of the dresser. The grain on the drawers has areas of darkness that compliment the stain on its top, almost as if I had planned it that way.

I would like to dedicate this dresser to my Dad and sister in-law Mara. They understand my NEED to paint furniture, but deep down quietly wish that once, just once I would not paint wooden furniture.  So this one is for you Dad and Mara and all you other non-paint lovers.

For now I will be using the dresser as a prop in pictures, but come this Fall the dresser will be for sale at a Barn Boutique in Rochester MN.

I hope it finds a forever home.



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