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As Seen On TV: Thistlewood Farms

by | Dec 9, 2016 | DIY | 3 comments

We’ve all seen the products that are from “As Seen On TV”.  (Weird fact, there is a store in the Mall Of America named “As Seen On TV”. Who knew?) Plus, who hasn’t tried to re-create an idea they have seen on Pinterest? So that got me thinking. I am going to start a blog series where I follow a post by various bloggers and try to make what they made. Kind of a “As Seen On A Blog” if you will. Some projects will be easy, and some will be hard, but the best part is that some will be disasters. 🙂 Today’s post comes from the rock star blogger KariAnne at Thistlewood Farms. Her post can be found here. Here is the how the wreath looks at KariAnne’s house. Beautiful. Following KariAnne’s instructions here is what I did. Gather supplies: Grapevine wreath Drop cloth fabric Farmhouse fabric Scissors Hot Glue Gun I had all of these things already lying around, so it was quick and free to grab everything and get started. If you don’t have these lying around, you can find everything at your local craft store or even Walmart. I followed KariAnnes eloquently written tutorial. But glump along with me as I state what I did. First I cut out over 80 leaves. KariAnne used about 50. My grapevine wreath is 18” wide, so I would guess that her wire wreath form was smaller. Don’t sweat the shape of your leaves, they will be great. The one step of this project that you do not want to skip is the adding of a drop of hot glue at the base of you leaf, and pinching it together. This is what gives the wreath life. From here glue the leaves all around the wreath making sure they all face the same direction by placing another dot of hot glue on the backside, opposite of the pinched section. You don’t want to glue them all in a line, and as KariAnne said try to stagger on the grapevine. Once you are all of the way around, you can always add a leaf here and there if you feel you have a blank spot. Here we have the finished product. Thanks for a great tutorial KariAnne. Wrap Up: Degree of Difficulty: Easy, except the part where I got a blister on my thumb from the hot glue. Cost: Free (to me) Time Involved: One episode of The Price is Right and 15 minutes into The Young and The Restless. What do you think? ~Wendy