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Sidenote Saturday: Raise Your Hand

by | Dec 2, 2016 | New Products, Sidenote Saturday

Raise your hand if on Black Friday, you set your alarm for some ungodly middle of the night time and went out and fought the crowds for that amazing, can’t miss deal?

Some of you did.

I did not. I shopped from home after a full night’s sleep, in my jammies and had it all shipped to the house.

Now don’t get me wrong I have a good friend, Hi Lizzy, that has a great group of shopping girlfriends and every year they make a game plan and attack all of the deals on Black Friday and then end their adventurous morning with breakfast.

So I get it, but I am not good at shopping, and I am definitely not good at functioning with sleep deprivation.

One of the places I shopped this year was Pottery Barn and *bonus*, they had a free shipping coupon. The thing that caught my eye was these napkins.

They came in a pack of four and are 20×20 square inches.

So what does a girl who knows how to sew and makes her living by selling pillows do? You guessed it. I made pillow covers from these cute napkins.

I added a zipper to the bottom and attached a white cotton twill fabric to the back.

And viola. A super cute, festive gold Falalala pillow!

Another great day of Christmas decorating!


If you love these covers too, I have put them for sale in my Etsy shop for a selling-out-quick price of only $20 each. The cover measures 18×18 square inches and the 20×20 inch duck feather inserts are sold separately for $16.00 each. (I only have 4 inserts left). 🙂