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Can You Hear It?

by | Feb 28, 2017 | New Products

Can you hear it?

That solid, constant thumping sound?

No need to worry, it’s just me banging my head against the wall as I put together my taxes.


I have all of the paperwork and receipts in a box. A big black box. Every year I promise myself I will come up with a better system and do better next year.

Fifth year in business….still hasn’t happened.

Thumping, thumping, thumping.

Let me show you what has gotten in the way of doing those dreaded taxes.

This super cute hot pink/silver reversible Easter Bunny pillow!

When you move the sequins back and forth they change from pink to silver.

So many options for patterns you lose track of time and then you need to make supper and do dishes and go to bed.

No time for taxes.

But I haven’t given up hope for next years tax attempt. If you also have a small business, there are several options to help on Pinterest.

Just put in Taxes Organization and find the best option for you.


If you have a shop on Etsy, Etsy has an option to purchase QuickBooks to pull all of your Etsy information into one place. (I’ve purchased this system but haven’t used it enough to give a review.)

If you aren’t an Etsy seller, here is the link for QuickBooks for the self-employed.

And my favorite option if you want to avoid your tax preparation all together, you can find the Sequin Easter Bunny Cover here. 🙂