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Updating A Picture Frame While Dipping My Toes Back Into The DIY Pool

by | Feb 24, 2017 | DIY | 4 comments

Getting back into the swing of things after a vacation was tricky. Updating a picture frame while I dipped my toe into the DIY pool with this quickie guest bedroom project was not.

The blankness of the wall behind the bed in the guest bedroom has been so, well….blank.

I was struggling with a piece to put there taking into consideration the angle of the wall on the left.

Then the solution to this blank wall problem had been staring me in the face all along.

This metal piece would be perfect above the bed.

So I hammered in a nail and bam, problem solved.

Now if you are saying to yourself….okay Wendy, that’s fine and dandy, but now you need something above the loveseat, you’d be right.

I bought this peel and stick wallpaper awhile back from Target. It was kind of pricey. $30 for a 27.5 square foot area.  My intentions were to paper the short wall in the guest bedroom and then I decided instead I would paper the wall in the bathroom.

But something besides the price was holding me back from using it.

That something was the fact that I have never used peel and stick wallpaper. The directions suggested that you have two people work together to apply it.

99% of the time, I am doing these DIY projects by myself.

I figured that if it takes two people to wallpaper, it would only take one person to wallpaper a 16×20 inch piece of cardboard.

My brilliance comes in waves.  🙂

I collected the rest of the supplies that I had randomly picked up here and there and they all came together for this quickie project.

Wade and I bought this 16×20 inch wood frame for $5.00 at an estate sale last fall.

I found this Dream applique at Menards a couple of weeks ago, on sale for $3.83.

I cut down a piece of ¼ inch cardboard to fill in the 16×20 frame opening. Then I cut a piece of the wallpaper a little bigger than that so it was a workable size and not too cumbersome.

Ready for how easy this was?

I peeled off the backing of the paper, applied it to the cardboard and cut off any excess.

Then I peeled of the word Dream and applied it to the wallpaper.

The finished piece fit snuggly into the frame so I didn’t need to glue, nail or attach it in any other way.

The nail was still there from the metal piece so three seconds later, bam, another problem solved.


What do you think?


P.S. A small piece of this paper was easy to use. However, I cannot imagine wallpapering with large sections of paper. It definitely would take two people who are very patient and much more experienced with peel and stick wallpaper.