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Best Day Ever – Spring Break 2017

by | Mar 19, 2017 | DIY, Wedding | 4 comments

We had another Best Day Ever on Spring Break last week.

Sam spent her break with us and we checked a few more items off of the wedding To-Do list.

The reality that our little girl is all grown up and getting married is really starting to sink in.

I know, I know, she and Justin, her fiancé, have dated for over six years and have been engaged for almost a year already so I knew this was coming.

But when you are editing pictures and you notice in a close up shot, that she still holds her pencil the same way that she did when she was little, it becomes real.

Just a second, I have to go and blow my nose.

I am going to be such a mess on her wedding day. 🙂

Okay, let’s move on.

Besides visiting her wedding venue and playing with some different table arrangements, we worked on the photo booth background.

Sam found an app, DIY Booth Lite, that we put on an iPad. The iPad will be strategically placed and centered using this as our background.

From there anyone can make a fun photo strip of pictures using the app and send it to their phone. Even better, Sam and Justin will have a set for themselves on the iPad.

We used the black frame that I use to hold the backgrounds for photos. However a customized background was well over $50.

Not in Sam’s budget, so what does a crafty Mother and Daughter team do?

You guessed it. We made it ourselves.

We bought a 6’x9’ drop cloth from Walmart for $6.99 and I already had the paint, the fabric medium, the large letter stencils and a cheap craft paint brush.

If you did need to purchase all of those things, it would be about $10-$15.

The saying, Best Day Ever was laid out on the drop cloth and traced.

Then each letter was painted.

We wanted the effect to look like a huge old fashioned typewriter had imprinted the fabric.

Sam added her wedding date by freehand. (The girl has skills.)

Since Sam was little, when she is really happy about something, she does a little wiggle dance.

When we finished the backdrop, she wiggle danced.

Here’s wishing all of you a wiggly Best Day Ever Spring Break!