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The Story Behind The Handmade Shower Curtain

by | Mar 24, 2017 | DIY, Home Tour

Long before I knew how to sew, I would go over to my best friend Lizzy’s house and be in awe of the way she decorated her home.

Her Mom was an interior decorator and could put together fabrics, furniture and statement pieces that no one would ever guess would work together. Her Mom has since passed away, but she instilled a great sense of style in Liz.

I am still in awe when I visit her home.

Not only does Liz have a magnificent home but she has sewn many of the pieces.

One thing I will never forget is the day I visited her house and, well, needed to use her restroom.

In her downstairs guest bathroom, hanging from a heavy gold shower rod was a large white with green ivy shower curtain. (Ivy was all the rage back then. ) 🙂

It was perfect with the rest of the decor in her bathroom and I asked her where she had bought it.

She told me she had made it!!

What? Are you kidding me? Who does that!

I was amazed.  You never would’ve guessed it was not store purchased.

I remember telling her that I would never be able to sew. I just didn’t have those kinds of skills.

She lovingly laughed at me.

So yesterday my Oprah “Ah-ha” moment happened and….you guessed it, I made my own shower curtain.

We, and by we I mean Wade, haven’t found the time to repaint the tub/shower/toliet room off of the bathroom.

So in the meantime, I made a shower curtain to pull everything together.

I bought these two fabrics from Walmart. I thought they looked kind of Pottery Barn-ish.

I measured out the fabric, sewed a two inch hem on the top and a one inch hem on the bottom, added 12 grommets for the curtain hooks and called it a day.

But then I had a problem.

You probably already noticed it.

Yep, the shower curtain did not play well with the window curtain.

Without a second of hesitation, I pulled that baby down and whipped up another curtain using the same fabric from the bottom section of the shower curtain.

Problem solved.

I apologize for not having a “full” picture of that room, but without busting out a wall or buying a new fancy dancy camera lens, this is as much view of the curtains as I could get.

I feel so accomplished now that I have made a custom curtain.

Thanks Lizzy for knowing that it was only a matter of time (or almost 20 years) before I would conquer “The Shower Curtain.”