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Happy Magnolia Furniture Purchase Day To Me

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Home Tour | 4 comments

I want to live in a Magnolia Furniture store.

That’s all, end of story.

Okay, maybe there’s a little more to the story.  🙂

Last week when Sam was in town, we went to The Northtown Mall. For whatever reason, I rarely go to this particular mall but we needed to kill some time while Sam’s car was being fixed and the mall is right across the street.

I had totally forgotten that a Becker Furniture World store had been added on several years ago as an anchor store.

Solely with the intention of killing time, we entered the furniture store first and then planned on continuing with the other stores in the mall.

Ten feet into the store, they had the Magnolia Home section.

I love the whole collection. Every last bit of everything.

Wade had wandered off to look at gas grills, so Sam and I pretended to re-decorate my house and furnish her new apartment.

And then I saw this.

And then I looked a little closer and saw this!

Be still my heart.

I NEEDED this cabinet.

Okay, I really WANTED this cabinet.

In my mind, I  justified 3000 different reasons why I should buy it. But, I didn’t have a spot for it.

Or did I????

Shock of all shocks, we left the store without the cabinet.

We picked up Sam’s car and had a great rest of our weekend, but I could not get that cabinet out of my head.

Then I realized that this was the perfect spot. (And no, I don’t have my Christmas Tree up anymore.  I just really liked this picture. )

But as you can see, I had the awesome dresser in that spot.  (You can read here and here all about that dresser makeover.)

The answer to the problem was easy, sell the dresser.

I listed it on Craigslist around 8pm on Sunday night and it was sold and picked up on Monday night.


Miracles of all miracles, I then waited another FIVE days before Wade and I went back to Becker Furniture World, holding my breath the entire way that no one had already bought it.

The store opened at 10am.

I walked straight to the spot where I had last seen it.


It was still there!

We grabbed a salesperson, swiped the ‘ol credit card and we were headed home by 11am.

As we were waiting for our purchase to be loaded onto our truck, I said to Wade, “You know, we could save a lot of money if I just lived in the furniture store.”

He smiled and shook his head.

What do you think?


P.S. I added a set of casters to the cabinet. You know, just as a personal touch. 🙂