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Magnolia Realty Sighting

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Life

Did you see on Instagram today that Magnolia Farms also owns Magnolia Realty?

Believe it or not, I know this!

But I only know this because when we were in Waco, we stopped for a late lunch at Captain Billy Whizzbangs.

And this best burger and potato fries in the world restaurant, is right across the street from Magnolia Realty!

Click here to look at their website and listings.

I was going to write more about our visit, but I figured that you, like me, once you clicked and went to Magnolia Realty….you wouldn’t come back.

By the way, I want the 2304 Landon Branch house. It was featured on Season Two.  🙂

Catch more of our Waco highlights later this week.


P.S. My Dad and I have the same slightly warped sense of humor. We thought we were hilarious taking a picture of him holding his t-shirt in front of the “Whizzers” (bathrooms).

P.S.S. Even at our mature ages, bathroom humor is always funny.  🙂