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Sam And Justin Tie The Knot: Best Day Ever 2017

by | Aug 21, 2017 | Wedding

The day finally arrived. Justin and Sam officially tied the knot!

The weather earlier in the week was rain, rain and more rain, but the day of the wedding was a perfect, 75 degree low-humidity day.

After a fun Thursday evening at the Plymouth Millennium Gardens for the rehearsal, we all met back at the Lucky 13 restaurant for the groom’s dinner.

Sam and Justin chose a casual patio garden barbeque menu. The evening was full of fun and laughter as everyone chatted and celebrated the couple.

Friday morning, the day of the wedding, started with early morning hair and makeup for the wedding party and  decorating the venue.

My Mom had designed all of the arrangements the night before using blue, green and white hydrangeas.  From there we corralled everyone to help with putting arrangements on the tables, setting up the photo booth, and placing more flowers on the cake, gift and guest book tables.

It took a small village of family and friends to pull it off and I want to thank everyone who helped.
(I’ll show you more pictures of the details as Spencer finishes them)

Speaking of Spencer, he gifted Sam and Justin their wedding photos. What a great gift!

He worked off of a list that the couple had created.

The first item on the list was the “First Look” picture.

Here is what that looked like, from the balcony of the reception area using my iPhone.

Only the two of them and Spencer were allowed to be part of that moment. Not even me, the mother of the bride that gave birth and raised this child for 23 years, 11 months and 11 days!

But I’m not bitter, it’s fine, whatever.  🙂

After the “First Look”, pictures of the two of them at different parts of the gardens were snapped. (Photo by Spencer)

The back of her dress is so beautiful, I wanted you to see it. Again using my IPhone, I captured this picture of my sister Carrie, who was Sam’s personal attendant, helping Sam with her train as they walked towards the next photo spot.

From here they started on wedding party photos. (Photo by Spencer)

I love this picture. Spencer captured these two “Kissing”. These two goofs are not the kissy, huggy type in front of other people. The expression on their faces is usually how they posed.

So why not keep that tradition going…even on your wedding day.

Next came family photos.

And then it was time to tie the knot.

I thought I had all of my tears out of the way at the rehearsal.  Let me tell you, I was an ugly cry mess. I knew I would be, but dang, I was a torrential downpour of tears. It was even suggested that I attach sponges under my eyes for the wedding day.

When Wade, Sam and I started to walk down the aisle, I was doing pretty good.

And then I saw Carrie crying.


I held it back until we were standing in front of the minister and she told us that is was “Time to let go and give Sam’s hand to Justin.”


Are you kidding me?

Let go?

Commence the waterworks, ugly cry and the greatest hug I have ever received from my daughter.

The rest of the ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a fun celebration with family and friends.

As I get more pictures, I will share them with you.

In fact, Wade and I gave Sam and Justin a gift that they will never forget. You won’t want to miss that video.

Thanks for stopping by,