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Be Creative: A Logo And Self Portrait

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Business

So many times people compliment me on how “creative” I am.  And I thank them, but with a grain of salt.

9 times out of 10, I follow-up those statements, with a, “Pft…anybody could do what I do.”

I consider myself to be average and ordinary.

I know, I know…blah, blah blah….but let me show you what a truly creative and extraordinary person looks like.

This is Shelby Hersleff. Shelby lives and works in Minneapolis and her work has been featured in MIDNIGHT and FORTUNE. Select clients include Vestiges Inc., Angie’s Popcorn, Cambria, Starboard Cruiselines, Minnesota DNR, Kylie Jenner, Whole Foods, FX, Jack Links, BEHR Paints, Whoolite, Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Public Radio, and the Walker Art Center.

In other words, she’s a pretty big deal!

But the greatest thing of all is that she accepts freelance work!

Spencer has worked with Shelby on several successful projects and he suggested that we hire her to help design my Old Lake George logo.

On a Tuesday afternoon, we set up a conference call and discussed the ideas I had floating around in my head as to what I wanted my logo to look like.

I wanted:
Circle – because the actual lake is circular
Incorporate Old Lake George
Give it a “french postage mark” look
Show that OLG is based around products for the home
Add “Est. 2012”

Shelby listened, asked a few a questions, and early on Friday morning she sent me four different ideas.

As you may have noticed, this is the one that hit the nail on the head.

Our next step was to get a picture of me to “humanize” my website and other social media communications.

I am not photogenic.  I really try. Kinda, sorta, but posing for a picture is not my forte.

As much as Spencer tried to get a great photo of me, let me just say, I strongly dislike having my picture taken, I couldn’t decide on one that was good.

Having the positive outlook in life that Spencer always has, he suggested that Shelby draw a picture of me from one of those photos.

For whatever deep-seated psychological reason, I thought that was a better idea.

Shelby used this photo of me that Spencer took and drew this.


I am in awe. Shelby’s talent is endless!

I hope you will take a moment and stop by her website and her Etsy shop.

One of the items you can select from her Etsy shop is your very own custom portrait of you, your family or even your pet. In addition, Shelby has graciously offered 25% off any item with no minimum when you use the coupon code OLG25 on purchases from her Etsy shop. (I told you she was awesome!)

I am so lucky to have been introduced to Shelby and her amazing creative capacities.

Have a great weekend,

P.S. In full disclosure, I was not compensated in any way to share about Shelby and her business. I think she is so remarkably talented and wanted to pay it forward.