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Sidenote Saturday: Six Things To Think About When Having a Pop-Up Sale

by | Oct 22, 2016 | Life

One of my greatest friendships started seven years ago this week when a young couple moved in next door. We lived side by side for five years and shared the joys of raising children, bringing home new puppies and discovering the same taste in decor. Even though we have both moved from that original neighborhood, we still remain close.

You may remember me talking about Alyssa because it is her Dad that helped me pull together my amazing staircase.

Last Spring Alyssa and I were given the opportunity to join a pop-up market. However at the last-minute life got too busy for the people setting up the market and it fell through.

So we pulled ourselves up by our boot straps and decided to create our own sale.

We thought to ourselves, “How hard can it be?”

Ignorance is Bliss.

We starting planning instantly because we wanted to use the same October date and it was already late August. Meeting over many cups of coffee and Mt. Dew we planned what items we would each be bringing to the sale.

Stop. I have to share this quick sidenote with you:

Alyssa and I are writing this post together while sitting at our Market. The next line of the post she wanted to write was,

She filled my holes and I filled hers.

I busted out laughing and reminded her that we were not that good of friends. 🙂

I think what she is trying to say is that because our decorating tastes are similar we compliment each other without overlapping as to which products we would create and sell. It was a seamless process and seamless processes have no holes.

She admits that sounds better.

Anyway, we proudly pulled it all together and now on our last day of the sale we are critiquing what we did right and what we will change for next time.

The top 3 things we will continue to do:

  1. Stage the market as if you were walking through a home
  2. Greet customers and create a personal connection
  3. Consider local pricing

The top 3 things we will change for next time:

  1. Advertise sooner on social media and place more street signs
  2. Change the hours of the sale to weekday evenings and all day Saturday
  3. Expand the sale with a variety of vendors

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and supported our sale! We look forward to seeing you again in the Spring.

~Wendy and Alyssa