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I Seem To Have Established A Pattern: Thursday Is Now Known as Reveal Day

by | Feb 16, 2017 | DIY | 2 comments

I seem to have established a pattern.

For whatever reason, Thursday’s have morphed into the unofficial “Reveal Day” on the blog.

So as not to disappoint, here is the reveal on the desk I promised.

This is  where we started:

Then as I shared earlier, this is where we left off: (Click here for that story.)

From here, all of my plans to leave the top as is, flew out the window! You see, I didn’t love the aged gray paint color with the faux/cherry redwood shiny plastic looking top.

My first instinct was to sand the top down and stain it. But as I started to sand in one little spot on the corner, the wood underneath was….well let’s just say it wasn’t going to work.

My next thought was to paint it white. And then I painted it black. I wish I had some super cool, artsy reason, but no, I just grabbed a can of leftover black paint instead.

The legs and the top are both a chalky paint. The black is the same paint I used on this project and this project.

Although I did paint a second coat on the legs, one coat of paint without a bonding agent did the trick on the top!

Knowing that this desk would get a lot of use,  I did add Miss Mustard Seeds Top Coat to protect the finish.

The desk is ready for paperwork and tax preparation!

Now I need to get ready. Ugh, taxes.  🙂