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Capturing Spring During A Snowstorm

by | Mar 12, 2017 | Home Tour | 7 comments

Did you remember to Spring your clock forward early on Sunday morning?

I didn’t.

But thankfully Wade did.

Keeper. 🙂

Wade and I went Estate Saling on Saturday and found a couple of treasures. We also stopped at IKEA and bought candles and sit-arounds to put in the living room. (You remember sit-arounds. Those pieces that add depth and dimension to your decorating but other than that….they just sit around.)

When I finally did shake the cobwebs from my sleepy eyes this morning, I got to work on redecorating with a Spring theme in mind although outside we were in the middle of a snowstorm.

You’ve already seen the pillows I made, but hey let’s take another gander.

I used the color scheme from these fabrics to create the rest of my Spring 2017 look.

Giving you the big picture first, this is the finished view from the staircase, looking down to the room.

I started decorating from the center of the room by keeping the wood tray on top of the nailhead ottoman. I grabbed a variety of candlesticks from various spots in the house and added the candles from IKEA. The anchoring piece is something my Mom gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago and the lightweight ornate balls, were also purchased from IKEA.

I wanted to keep things neutral and fresh – just how I imagine it will feel when I finally throw open my windows and welcome in the fresh spring air.

Using two more of the robin egg blue candles, I placed them on the mantel with a faux plant, wood sit-arounds my Dad made me, a plaster bunny and some of my other favorite items.

I’m working on other areas of the house also, but for now….

What do you think? Did I capture Spring?