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Raise Your Hand If You Are Busy

by | May 6, 2017 | Business

Raise your hand if you are busy – or should I say, don’t raise your hand if you are busy.

Cause who has time to raise their hand?

With Spring upon us and Summer just around the corner, everyone is busy doing something!

Wrapping up the school year, planning graduation parties, figuring out Mother’s Day gifts, scheduling summer vacation plans.

The lists go on and on.

I hear you. I am there right along with you.

At the top of my personal busy list is continuing to plan Sam and Justin’s wedding. We are within the three-month window of the big day.

I will be driving up to Sam’s house next week to finalize the flowers, put the finishing touches on the invitations and probably 800 other details.

Or maybe we will end up binge watching Fixer Upper. 🙂

On the business side of busy, I am so excited to share with you that I have hired a designer to create an Old Lake George logo for me. You know  that, “thing” you see and you know the brand instantly? Think;


Home Depot

And, of course,

Thistlewood Farms


Shelby Hersleff, is a Minnesota-based designer/artist with a very impressive list of clients and an endless amount of patience and creativity.

You can find her website here.

Trying to find the “perfect” logo that represents Old Lake George is something I have struggled with for years. There are so many thoughts that go into what seems like a simple “blop” on a piece of paper.

This is what I wanted the logo to be:

-Direct. Not busy and overwhelming. (How I think of myself)

-Black and white. (My two favorite colors)

-Without emphasis on the word lake. (This isn’t a nautical company)

-Figuratively stamp-like (Yet, I can literally stamp it onto packaging, business cards etc.)

-Rustic and not perfect (No explanation needed about that one)

Shelby got right to work with these thoughts and has already sent me four ideas. This is the beginning stage of developing a logo and I cannot wait to unveil the final decision with you soon.

She hit the ball out of the park.

I am so excited!

And busy.

Enjoy your weekend,